Wednesday, January 27, 2010

South-American identification problems

Oh no, now I got lost to South-America... and I don't even have any field guides of the birds of South America. The site where the web cameras are is this:

Three nice cameras, one in the homepage and two others under links to "Observatorio I" and "Observatorio II". The home page cam is located in Brazil, "Observatorio II" in Ecuador and "observatorio III" is also in Brazil.

During very quick visit I saw at least 7 different species and I have no clue what they are. Well, ok, one was dove, then there were hummingbirds and one bird looked like some starling - but really, I have no idea of their actual identitity. Below is two photos, just for example.

P.S. is a site where you can dig photos of Brazilian birds - it helped me to identify the dove in the first photo above: it is Ruddy Ground-Dove (Columbina talpacoti).

P.S. 2: Okay, now I know the rest of the birds too: the hummingbird above is female Black-throated Mango (Anthracothorax nigricollis) and in the upper photo the bird on the right is Sayaca Tanager (Thraupis sayaca). Thanks to Luciano Breves for teaching me!

Oh, and I ordered today "A Field Guide to the Birds of Brazil" from Amazon, I hope it helps even more.

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