Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Verreaux's Eagle aka African Black Eagle at Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden, Roodeport, South Africa

Pullus Verraux's Eagle

Windy and rainy weather out there, here in Finland. Good excuse to practice some remote birding. I decided to go to South Africa this time. See what I found :) Pullus Verreaux's Eagle (Aquila verreauxii)! And bit later an adult arrived to nest too.

In addition to those, some unidentfied bird sounds... At least some Swift, sounded like Eurasian Swift (Apus apus), but I can't be sure about it yet. Also sounds that reminded me of Starling and many odd sounds...

Adult Verreaux's Eagle

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  1. Swift sound confirmed: Eurasian Swifts (Apus apus). Common summer visitor in South-Africa.